1. Does the hair shed? Yes there is minimal shedding, I would always recommend sealing the wefts to ensure long lasting results. 
  2. Does the hair tangle? The hair does tangle a very little at the ends, particularly in longer lengths. You will not experience nape tangling or matting though. 
  3. How many bundles do I need for a full install? We suggest 3 bundles for lengths 12-16 and 3-4 bundles for lengths 16-20. For a very full install we suggest 5 bundles. The longer the hair (length) the shorter the wefts.
  4. Can the hair be colored and/or dyed? Yes. The hair can be dyed or lifted to a lighter color, as well as colored to be darker. When doing either of these processes be sure to deep conidition hair and treat hair as if your own. (Anytime you chemically alter virgin hair it can decrease longevity of hair.
  5. How long will this hair last? Exotic Tresses virgin hair can last well over a year with proper care. 
  6. Is the hair single or double drawn? Single drawn.
  7. Is your Filipino hair authentic? Yes. I receive my hair directly from the Philippines, Makati city to be exact. I do not receive hair from china and this hair is NOT Chinese remy.