What is the affiliate program?

The Exotic Tresses affiliate program is a opportunity that allows you earn income by reviewing and advertising our products. When your subscribers or followers use your associated discount code you will be compensated each time. Anyone can become an affiliate 

0-5,000 subscribers/followers                   Full price products

5,001-10,000 subscribers/followers          Discounted products

10,001-40,000 subs/followers                   Discounted products

40,001 and up subs/followers                   Free products 

We will not disclose the discounted amount here, you must email us. 

There are exceptions to the above as well, if we see your hair reviews receive alot of views we may make adjustments. 

What does it mean to be affiliate? 

You will make a commission on all sales using the associated discount code given to you. You sit back and let Exotic Tresses do all the work! We handle all order processing, shipping, and customer related issues. 

Why Join?

It's easy and the best part of all, you get paid! Make income advertising Exotic Tresses products online. To become an affiliate, email us at exotictresses@gmail.com and be sure to include links to your page(s) and your sub/follower count. There we will give more information about this great program.